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July 28 at 18.00 on the stage of museum and exhibition complex  " New Jerusalem ,"  you will find the famous classical ballet in two acts with music by Peter Tchaikovsky adorable and perfect choreography  by Marius Petipa.

Ballet "Swan Lake" for more than a century, captivated the hearts of fans of classical music. He is considered a benchmark of high art, and many dancers from around the world were proud that they had the luck this - sang the role in this performance. "Swan Lake" without its share of exaggeration, be called the pearl of Russian classics and Tchaikovsky - the great composer. The basis of the ballet lay tale of knightly era. This timid and beautiful love story filled with many obstacles and trials beset young lovers.

This is one of the best productions of the theater "Classical Ballet XXI Century",  whose main originality - is the preservation of classical traditions, respect for the classical dance Russian ballet school, as well as stylized costumes and scenery. At the base of the theater are well-known names in the world of ballet: Honored Artist of Russia Elizabeth Heaven and Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Sergey Belorybkin, People's Artist of the RSFSR Natalya Chekhov and director Nikita Tumanyan.

Unlike other theater "Classical Ballet XXI Century" is very mobile, with the ability to use both the traditional decorations in the performances, and unique computer graphics. Viewers will see the ballet in the magic phantasmagoria. In the theater's parallel with current technical innovations, classical ballet kept spotlessly clean. Beautiful legend of eternal love, betrayal, good and evil, has long entered the golden fund of world culture becomes the theater staged "Classical Ballet XXI Century" new sound.

Ballet Program "Swan Lake"