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Exhibition "Robert Falk. Dimensions of Creativity"

The exhibition marks the 60th anniversary since the Falk’s death and strives to reflect the diversity of dimensions of the artist’s creative life by showing his development: from the growth as an artist, during his studies to his last works.

The exposition includes about 57 works. Some of them are shown to the broader audience for the first time.

A separate different section is dedicated to paintings created by the artist during his stay in autumn and winter in 1910 in New Jerusalem. Paintings from Voskresensk (Istra) as well as a range of other exhibited works were created at the times when Falk was an active member of an avant-garde union «Knave of Diamonds» (1910–1917) and took a great interest in primitivism and cubism inspired through the works of Sezanne.

The exhibition also reflects his Paris period, which lasted for almost 10 years since 1928 to 1937 and which became one of the most fruitful ones for Robert Falk and the so-called «comprehension of classics» period and included the art of his favourite Rembrandt.