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The exhibition "The Nicene miracle" on the image of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in the Russian ecclesiastical art, presents works from the museum's collection and private collections. 

Its opening was timed to the celebration of "Nicola Winter" 19 December. An important reason for the exhibition was the completion of this year, the restoration of the museum's wonderful image sizes temple "St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, with 20 stamps of lives." The works lasted for about two years, employees of the restoration workshop of the Museum IN Vladimirova and MA Grigorov. 

According to experts, the icon is written in the last third of the XVII century, the northern master. In the center is represented by a depiction of the miracle worker in the traditional iconography: in episcopal robes, with a raised right hand in blessing and a closed Gospel in his left hand.

At the top of the centerpiece shows the so-called "Nicene miracle"  -  the image of the Savior and the Virgin Mary, St. Nicholas of Myra presenters signs episcopal dignity - the Gospel and omophorion. This event is reflected in the life of a saint, gave the name of the exhibition. Icons are located around the mullion 20 seals with scenes from the Life of St. Nicholas, for placards hallmarks partially preserved in the fields. 

Among the icons that display at the exhibition - oplechny image of St. Nicholas - one of the oldest in the collection of the Museum "New Jerusalem". It was written by a master of Central Russia in the XVI century, in an era when such iconography has spread, and ponovlen in the XIX century, at a time when the popularity of this recension increased again, especially in the Old Believers. 

One of the main  exhibits is also t rehstvorchaty hinged with the volumetric image St Nicholas Myra configured northern master in the first half of the XVIII century, which is a striking example of the combination of wood sculpture and painting in Russian church art. Its central part ends scenic image Trinity Old Testament, four stamps with scenes of the life of St. Annunciation composition and placed on the side flaps. Saint Nicholas is depicted in the increase in episcopal robes, with a sword in the hands and hail. Triptych executed with preservation of ancient Russian tradition, which is characteristic of the northern lands.

All these  interesting  exhibits occupy a worthy place in the exhibition, which was also presented other pieces of iconography, wood sculptures, mednolitoy plastics and sewing from the collection of the Museum "New Jerusalem" and private collections.

ATTENTION! The gift shop sells a detailed catalog of the exhibition  "The Nicene miracle" in which there is a description of all the exhibits. And also from the catalog can be found on the St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, the restoration of a unique icon "St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, with 20 stamps Lives" and the sculpture  "Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker (Mozhaisk)."

The exhibition runs until June 24, 2018.