Размер шрифта Цветовая схема Изображения


The football-shaped installation is 7 meters in diameter. Inside the unique construction, viewers will be surprised with a film that works as a video-exhibition and tells the history of Russian football. There are archive shots from the early 20th century and documentaries from the 60s glorified by the triumph of the Soviet football team. Visitors will learn about their football idols: legendary footballers, coaches and commentators. 

The protagonists of the film are also paintings inspired by football were selected based on timing, genre and topic. The story of the sport much loved both in the USSR and Russia is told by the paintings of the outstanding masters of the 20th century: Aleksandr Deyneka, Yury Pimenov, Pavel Kuznetsov, Nikolay Zagrekov. The works by Казимир Малевич, also brought to life at the exhibition, talk about football using language of suprematism. Overall, there are 17 canvases presented to the public. 

The installation is expected to welcome Хамди Мухамед - руководитель проекта по организации пресс-центра сборной Франции, оборудованном в МВК «Новый Иерусалим» and French journalists providing coverage of the football World Cup. 

The football installation is located on the front of the museum “New Jerusalem” and is available until 15 July. 

All visitors and guests can attend the multimedia installation “Tradition. Trust. Victory” free of charge. Apart from that, holders of Fan IDs can attend all permanent and private exhibitions during the World Cup 2018 free of charge as well.