Размер шрифта Цветовая схема Изображения

Museum shop

In our museum there are two stores - printed and souvenir production.

In the gift shop you can purchase the products of many manufacturers of the Moscow region and other regions. There exquisite porcelain of the Imperial Porcelain Factory, homely products Dulyovo, elegant porcelain Verbilok, the famous craftsmen of Gzhel production, Yaroslavl majolica. A diverse range of shawls and scarves Pavloposadskiye manufacture suitable for all tastes, Zhostov trays decorate the interior, and Bogorodskaya Klimovskaya toys will entertain the kids. Orenburg shawls, Lipetsk lace, handicrafts made of wood and bark, dolls, jewelry boxes and many other art products are waiting for you in our shop.

The store printed materials - books on the history of the New Jerusalem, the collections of the museum, booklets and postcards. It is also richly represented on the shelves of travel guides, books on Russian and world history, art albums, children's art and developing literature. Here you can buy original children's toys.

In our stores you can buy souvenirs with emblems and logos of the Museum "New Jerusalem" and the other museums of the Moscow region - T-shirts and baseball caps, umbrellas, magnets, mugs, decorative plates and panels.