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Thematic tour "Habits cute old"

The story of the unit "Russian tea machine"  - a samovar, the traditions of Russian hospitality.

The tour acquaints us with some events of everyday culture and way of life of different caste groups of Russian society of the XIX century on materials of art collections of the Museum "New Jerusalem." Every nation has its own way of life, customs and habits, which are transmitted and stored for generations. One of these habits rooted Russian man in the nineteenth century becomes a tea party, although familiarity with the tea celebrated in the Moscow kingdom as early as the seventeenth century.

In the nineteenth century tea consumed many nations, but the Russian tradition of tea drinking had its own characteristics, its own "flavor". A big role in it played a samovar - a device for boiling water and making tea, "Russian tea machine" as it is called in the West. There is a legend that the samovar in Russia imported from Holland, Peter I, but in reality samovars appeared only half a century after the death of King Peter in the Ural factories. Samovar became a part of Russian culture, it is sung by many poets and artists, and has now become collectibles. Collection of samovars XVIII - . The nineteenth century, formed at the Museum "New Jerusalem" in the post-war years, is a significant part of his art collection. 

Price: Adults  - . 185 p / grace  - 135 p.

Duration  - 45 min.

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