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Tour around the Museum Complex

Ordering a tour of the museum, you walk with a guide for the permanent exhibition "New Jerusalem - historical and cultural monuments XVII-XX centuries", which was developed on an area of over 1,500 square meters. meters. The guide will talk about how thought and formed the image of the Holy Places in the suburbs, on the role of the Voskresensky New Jerusalem Monastery as a monument of Russian architecture, Russian history and culture, in this context, the identity of Patriarch Nikon.

On permanent display sightseers see unique relics: the true model of the temple of the Holy Sepulcher of the XVII century, facsimile signature of Patriarch Nikon and many unique exhibits can be seen in the multimedia space, saturated with solid models, holograms and other augmented reality technology.

And tourists group will be an exposition of the art gallery of the museum, where the guide will acquaint you with a rich collection of Russian religious art XVI - XIX centuries, Russian and foreign art XVIII -XX centuries, porcelain and furniture from manorial estates near Moscow, with the works of decorative art and graphics from the museum collection.

Duration of the tour for adult visitors - 2 Part 15 min.

To book a tour and update its value to the transfer, or a foreign language, for special categories of visitors and smaller groups of numbers, write a request for tour@njerusalem.ru or call +7 (498) -314-02-30.