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Museum and Exhibition Complex of the Moscow region "New Jerusalem" (hereinafter, the Museum "New Jerusalem") - one of the largest regional museums associated with the fate of a unique monument of the Moscow region of Palestine - Voskresensky New Jerusalem Monastery.

Museum Collection, despite the huge losses associated with the Great Patriotic War, more than 180 thousands units of storage: it is a collection of archaeological and ethnographic material, written sources and documentary photographs, manuscripts and rare books, coins, weapons, Russian and foreign art materials different eras (icon painting, sewing, painting, graphics, decorative art XVI-XXI centuries. etc.). On the content of the collection reflects the historical and cultural development of the Moscow region, as one of the key regions of Russia, from its settlement to the present day. The museum collection also includes unique collections that are directly associated with the history of the New Jerusalem Monastery and the personality of its founder - the sixth Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Nikon.    

Located on the north-western outskirts of Istra (Voskresensk in the past). Since its founding in 1920, was in the walls of the New Jerusalem Monastery, the Museum in 2013 moved to a new, built for him in the vicinity of the monastery, on the opposite coast of Istria.

Throughout its nearly a century of existence, the museum changed its name many times in connection with the context of the era and its status. The present name was in 2014, after moving to a new location.    

The new building - the main but not the only permament exhibition of the Museum area. Structurally, the Museum "New Jerusalem", in addition to new buildings, includes: Exhibition Hall and the Department of wooden architecture. The latter are located in the forest area of the bend of Istria, adjacent to the monastery. These can be accessed from both the main building of the Museum of the footbridge, specially built for this purpose, and with the Volokolamsk Highway. Unfortunately, the road from the bridge until the undeveloped, so the preferable alternative - with the Volokolamsk Highway.