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The hall is located in the basement of the museum and exhibition complex in the atrium between the halls of Russian art of XVII - beginning of XX century and exposition Russian art in the first half of XX century. The basis of design of this space based on the idea of interaction of cultural and historical heritage and modernity. On the example of works executed in various techniques of monumental art, traces the relationship of contemporary art with a Christian culture and appeal work in our time masters of the traditions of antiquity.

The theme of the interaction of contemporary art with a Christian culture is particularly relevant for the museum included in the cluster "Russian Palestine". This theme  - sequentially for the Russian art of the twentieth century, it did not disappear even in the most unfavorable for its development years. An example of this  a copy of a fragment of Dionysius frescoes from the church of Nativity in Ferapontovo artist  Boris Petrovich Chernyshev , dating from 1957 - 1958 year. Imbued with the spirit of Christian culture fresco breathes life so that a copy of it can be called only in so far as it repeats the motif of the painting of the great masters turn the XV - the XVI centuries.

Creativity and the whole life of Boris Petrovich Chernyshev, selflessly devoted to art, influenced many artists. Infinitely appreciate art Chernysheva known master mosaic artist Alexander Davidovich Kornoukhov. Alexander Kornoukhov  - winner of the International Award for mosaic, State Prize winner, Adviser Academy of Architecture, winner of the gold medal of the Academy of Arts, a member of  -correspondent of the Academy of Arts, is actively working for the Church, both in Russia and abroad. His mosaics decorated tympanum Sioni Cathedral in Tbilisi (Georgia Patriarch Ilya order II), the Moscow Church of St. Mitrofanii Voronezh, of the Transfiguration in Tushino communication. Cosmas and Damian in Shubin, the Assumption of the Assumption Ravine, The Signs of the church in Krasnogorsk, as well as churches in Italy. In 1996, he received an order from Pope John Paul II to decorate his private chapel in the Vatican RedemptorisMater. Mosaic Kornoukhova  "Entry into Jerusalem"  -  one of the best creations of the master, which allows us to consider it a true heir and successor of the traditions of Byzantine art. Appeal to the Greek roots  - and Byzantium took a lot of ancient Greece  -felt in secular Kornoukhova mosaic compositions. "Trio" and "Garden" AD Kornoukhova filled with classical harmony. HELL. Kornoukhov transfers his skills students  - and it's not just the transfer of technical skills, and the introduction of young artists in high culture. Mosaic "Landscape" Olga Abramova, student Kornoukhova, with all the simplicity of motif and the apparent simplicity of execution  -many meanings. Mosaic as an art form dates back to the forms of monumental art in which there is no place details. Abramova landscape - is a kind of microcosm, where there are important: houses and trees.

Kornoukhova pupil can be called and  Dmitry Poshvina . Topic frescoes executed Dmitry together with wife Natalia faces the Life of early Christian martyr litsedeya Ephesus porphyria, Julian Apostate executed (361 year). Frescoes young authors suggest not only their knowledge of early Christian culture samples, but also to experience the perception of it. Reliefs of famous sculptor  Anatoly Komelin distinguished by a deep insight into the traditions of ancient art. By building stone reliefs he addressed more than 20 years ago. Long before he discovered and was very impressed with the white stone reliefs of the XIII century Yuriev-Polsky, became interested in ancient Russian icons and carvings. His reliefs adorn churches in Moscow, Peredelkino and Tarusa. According to experts, "in the temple sculpture master carefully varies thread depth, type of cuttings, calculates how expressive are the shadows, depending on the space in which the product will be located, and on the nature of the lighting. The composition and the rhythm of relief passed and the internal dynamics of the image, and hieratism Deisis timeless characters. "

Directly to the ancient history of the addresses in your panel, in the technique of hand weaving, member of the Russian Academy of Arts, winner of the Moscow Prize in Fine Arts  Alla Alekseevna Shmakov. Its tapestry of "Ashes of Pompeii"  - a kind of metaphorical picture of the world in which mate transience and eternity. The artist herself speaks of the tapestry as a frozen scene Beautiful performance, stressing that "the solution space in the trellis, as well as on stage, relatively limited and has the same magic."

Works of masters presented in the exposition complement artifacts: classical columns beginning of the nineteenth century, they serve as a tuning fork, a high standard of sound all presented in a common cultural space works.