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The museum and exhibition complex of the Moscow region "New Jerusalem" is a permanent exhibition entitled "NEW JERUSALEM - historical and cultural monuments XVII-XX centuries". It turned over an area of 1500 sq. meters and talks about how thought and formed the image of the Holy Places in the suburbs, on the role of the Voskresensky New Jerusalem Monastery as a monument of Russian architecture, Russian history and culture, in this context, the identity of Patriarch Nikon.

The concept of the permanent exhibition "The New Jerusalem - a monument to history and culture of XVII-XX centuries" in September 2017 was approved at the enlarged meeting of the Academic Council, which was attended by Deputy Minister of Culture of Moscow Region Nadezhda Zhilkin, CEO GBUK MO "Museum" New Jerusalem "Vasily Sergeyevich Kuznetsov, governor of the Voskresensky New Jerusalem monastery Archimandrite Theophylact, rector of the Holy Martyr Clement, Pope, the diocesan nucleus vlehranitel Moscow City diocese Archpriest Leonid D. Kalinin, as well as critics and the public.

Among the key items of the exhibition - parsuna "Patriarch Nikon with the brotherhood of the Resurrection Monastery", which Patriarch Nikon is depicted standing on a chair in full priestly vestments during the service. Many of the items depicted in this unique portrait survived to this day, there are some of the references in the documents. On display are: Panagia (the sign of the bishop's differences with the image of Our Lady), which we see on the portrait of the patriarch, Korol'kova white rosary with rubies. Save and stick with which Nikon is depicted in the portrait, with some alterations of the XVIII century. The church fabrics collection of the Museum "New Jerusalem" was found sticharion, which has been recognized by the fact that is illustrated in parsuna.

Permanent exhibition opens to the public the unique relics and allows you to look at them a modern look. True model of the temple of the Holy Sepulcher of the XVII century, facsimile signature of Patriarch Nikon and many unique exhibits can be seen in the multimedia space, saturated with solid models, holograms and other augmented reality technology.